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MA30 to 900 series


ACE's MA30, MA35, MA50, MA150, MA225, MA600 and MA900 family of miniature shock absorbers can be precisely adjusted and adapted to individual requirements. For example, the MA150 is equipped with the rolling diaphragm technology of the MC150 to MC600 family and offers all the advantages of this technology, such as its use in pressure chambers. Thanks to long strokes (up to 40 mm on the MA900), reaction forces are reduced, resulting in smooth damping.

All variants of these units are ready-to-install and maintenance-free, and are equipped with an integrated fixed stop. They provide the best service when data is changing, calculation parameters are unclear or maximum flexibility of use is required.

ACE's adjustable miniature dampers can be used to adapt precisely to the customer's application and are therefore widely used in mechanical engineering and many other applications.

Capacity: 3.5 Nm/Cycle to 100 Nm/Cycle
Impact speed: 0.15 m/s to 4.5 m/s (other speeds on request)
Operating temperature : 0 °C to 66 °C
Mounting: your choice
Fixed stop: integrated
Adjustment: Hard impact at the beginning of the stroke, setting of the ring towards 9 or PLUS. Hard impact at the end of the stroke, setting of the ring towards 0 or LESS.
Materials: Outer body, accessories: Corrosion-resistant coated steel; piston rod: Stainless steel, hardened and tempered.
Damping fluid: oil, temperature stable

Note: If an accurate end position marker is required, consider the use of the type AH limit stop. The shock absorber is preset on delivery in a neutral position between soft and hard.

Safety instructions: External materials in the immediate environment can attack the sealing components and shorten the service life. Please contact us for proposals of suitable solutions. Do not paint the
shock absorbers due to heat emission.

On request: nickel plated or other special options available on special order. Models without rod stop.

Performances :


Non EU


Max capacity

Effective weight


Return force





W3 W4 mini maxi mini maxi s maxi kg
Nm/cycle Nm/h kg kg N N °
MA30EUM MA30M 3,5 5.650 0,23 15 1,7 5,3 0,3 2 0,011
MA50EUM-B MA50M-B 5,5 13.550 4,5 20 3 6 0,3 2 0,025
MA35EUM MA35M 4 6.000 6 57 5 11 0,2 2 0,045
MA150EUM MA150M 22 35.000 1 109 3 5 0,4 2 0,061
MA225EUM MA225M 25 45.000 2,3 226 5 10 0,1 2 0,173
MA600EUM MA600M 68 68.000 9 1.360 10 30 0,2 2 0,352
MA900EUM MA900M 100 90.000 14 2.040 10 35 0,4 1 0,414


Linear slides, pneumatic cylinders, rotation units, handling modules, machines and plants, manufacturing and machining centres, automatic machines, machine tools, locking systems

Increases production rate

Prolongs machine life

Reduces construction costs

Reduces maintenance and noise

ACE Industrial Dampers are professional linear deceleration devices for today's sophisticated automation systems.

High capacity and reinforced construction ensure a long service life under severe conditions. A wide range of sizes is available for masses from a few grams to several hundred tons.

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