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Erwin Halder KG

Erwin Halder KG is a German manufacturer with over 80 years of experience providing top-quality industrial solutions. They specialize in four main areas:

  • Standard Parts:  This includes DIN/ISO compliant machine and fixture elements, along with T-slot systems and more, offering a comprehensive building block selection for industrial needs.
  • Workholding Systems: From basic elements to zero-point clamping systems and multi-vises, Erwin Halder KG offers efficient workholding solutions to optimize your manufacturing processes.
  • Hand Tools: Their hand tool range includes mallets, sledge hammers, and locksmithing tools, known for their durability and dependable quality.
  • Aviation Products:  Erwin Halder KG is ISO 9001 certified for their aviation products, which include ball lock pins, detent pins, and accompanying hardware.

They are known for their commitment to exceptional quality, offering  customization options and supporting various production volumes.  So, whether you're in need of standard parts, workholding systems, reliable hand tools, or aviation-grade fasteners, Erwin Halder KG is a trusted partner for professionals around the world.