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Bansbach Traction Gas Springs

QZ-19 and QZ-28 compression gas springs can be used in all applications in which lifting and lowering masses must be controlled. They support manual forces and are used to control the opening and closing of covers, flaps, lids, etc. They are maintenance-free, stand-alone and available on stock. Their built-in grease chamber provides lower peel force, reduces friction and provides longer life.

The QZ traction gas springs are active in the retracted direction.

Models QZ-19 and QZ-28 are equipped with valves to obtain the desired strength for all applications. The piston rod and tube are made of steel for standard models or aluminum on request. The stem is treated by an ecological process of ceramizing the surface of the steel called CeramPro®. The tube is treated with electrostatic powder, which has a longer service life, impact and scratch resistance than liquid paint. Fasteners and joints are made of steel or lead-free aluminum.