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Compressed air motors (PTM)


With our compressed air motors, the radial piston principle is used in the most economical way. The small piston volumes inside the motors need a minimum of compressed air and simultaneously extract the highest power from the energy through expansion. Thereby, we reduce the consumption of compressed air by up to 90% compared to vane motors. To meet the requirements of different areas of application and sectors, we developed our motor in six different versions:

BASIC motors

Our basic motors for the easy installation in production environments without special requirements.

ATEX motors

For the secure application in explosion-endangered environments.

FDA stainless steel motors

Hygienic, food-safe, IP68 waterproof, sterilizable – the all-rounder of our motors.

Clean room motors

Classified according to DIN 14644 for ISO class 1 applicable in all clean and ultra-clean rooms.

IP68 waterproof motors

IP68 waterproof and seawater-resistant motors for the application with and under water.

Ferrite free motors

Robust and without magnetic fields for high-tech applications with magnetic fields.

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