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SL-030 to 720 series


The SLAB damping foams of the SL-030, SL-100 and SL-300 series are made of visco-elastic PUR in a patented composition specially designed for damping. In addition, the noise level is significantly reduced. This material is characterized by a high internal damping. The elastic bounce back is around < 30% (tolerance +/-10%). Thus, this product can be considered as an alternative to hydraulic shock absorbers if the load does not need to be stopped precisely and the energy does not need to be reduced by 100%. The densities :

SL-030 = 270 kg/m³,
SL-100 = 500 kg/m³
SL-300 = 800 kg/m³

cover a wide range of energy absorption on the applied surface. This allows a relatively independent choice of the surface to be applied.

The SLAB damping foams of the SL-170 to SL-720 series are made of PUR elastic material in a patented composition used in industry. Standard densities from 170 kg/m³ to 720 kg/m³ isolate vibrations in many applications. For special applications, special models with specific densities can be designed. The static and dynamic characteristics of the product are precisely defined. The effectiveness of the elastic damping can be determined in advance. The parameters and results are summarized in an application-specific calculation note.

The standard static load capacity of the material is :

SL-170: 0 to 0.011 N/mm².
SL-210: 0 to 0.028 N/mm².
SL-275: 0 to 0.055 N/mm².
SL-450: 0 to 0.15 N/mm².
SL-600: 0 to 0.30 N/mm².
SL-720: 0 to 0.50 N/mm².
and up to 0.8 N/mm² for special models.

Unusual or brief loads that can generate forces up to 5.0 N/mm² can be accepted. These values can be as high as 6 N/mm² for specific models.

Manufactured according to a patented formula

Operating temperature range between -5°C and +50°C

Energy absorption over a large area

The efficiency of the elastic damping can be determined in advance on request.

ACE-SLAB visco-elastic damping foam offers new perspectives for damping over large surfaces or for the realisation of specific shapes. Thanks to simplified installation using an adhesive, it is an ideal solution for many cases of damping, vibration and oscillation attenuation or noise reduction.

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