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Kollmorgen Servo Technology

Kollmorgen provides a selection of automation platforms, designed to  complement your motion technology, adapt your existing systems and your preferred development style .

Our leading machine automation solution combines a highly  integrated and intuitive programming environment , best-in-class  motion components  and unique  co-engineering services to help you build a highly differentiated machine.

Kollmorgen servo technology offers high-performance motion control with PC-based, resident and stand-alone motion controllers, as well as I/O solutions, HMI panels, servo drive and complete programming software.

Kollmorgen offers  a complete range of drives that offer advanced control technology, industry-leading performance and simple actuation.

The family of permanent magnet motors manufactured by Kollmorgen offers an extremely wide range of sizes and packaging types. From frameless slip ring motors to high acceleration casing/shaft motors. Kollmorgen offers the most complete range of high-performance servo motors available today.

All our gears feature a true  Micron precision planetary gear  for high torque, smooth operation and minimal maintenance. So you can count on optimal performance, whether you need a general-purpose gearbox, an ultra-precision model, a washdown or food grade version, or a complete gearmotor.