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Pressure transmitters


A pressure transmitter (also called pressure transducer or pressure converter) is a component used to convert a pneumatic or hydraulic pressure to an electric (usually analogue and linear) output signal, such as a current or voltage.

SUCO Robert Scheuffele GmbH & Co. KG developed a complete new generation of high sophisticated transmitters / transducers. Based on the so-called Silicon-on-Sapphire Technology (SoS) the new 07xx series fulfil highest expectations for harshest conditions in all kind of industrial applications.

Stainless steel housings with many different variations on both sides, mechanical and electronic, as well as customized pressure ranges make hundreds of variantsavailable. SUCO offers the product series with:

  • Ceramic measuring cell / thick film technology
  • Oil-filled measuring cell
  • SoS technology

Four times overpressure safe and eight times burst pressure safe, the EMV resistant transmitter / transducer can handle all kind of media and temperature used in industrial applications, such as flow control systems, differential pressure or oil- & gas-measurment.

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