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Autonics Area Sensors


Area sensors are multi-beam arrays of photoeyes used to detect presence anywhere within the controlled height of the sensor array. These sensors are perfect for detecting various sized and shaped objects at random positions as they pass through the (2D) target area. (Not for use as safety light curtains)


Area Sensors are optoelectronic devices with emitter and receiver elements used for detecting the presence of any object by sensing the light beam intensity returning from the receiver. The area sensors have an IEC IP67 ingress protection rating.

 • The photoelectric arrays have a series of lenses with 5mm pitch or 10mm pitch; the individual elements are alternately emission and reception for a continuous succession of reflex elements. The optic window is made of PMMA acrylic transparent thermoplastic

 • Fine Teach allows smallest object detection. Gross Teach avoids potential stability and repeatability of performance problems and is less sensitive to environmental conditions.

 • The blanking function (CX2 series) allows the height of the active optic window to be adapted to the specific application by eliminating ("blanking") pairs of beams and can be useful in specific applications.

 • The Emitter emits near-infrared light at non-dangerous levels. The device is classified as RG0 (exempt) according to IEC 62471: 2008-09.

 • Area sensors are NOT protective devices and should not be used to guarantee personnel safety.

Detection of objects moving in specified areas.

• sensitivity

• resolution

• linearity

• zero drift 

• full-scale drift

• range

• repeatability

• reproducibility

Area Sensors

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