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Parker Taiyo Hydraulic Cylinders


70/140H-8 Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

  • Double acting hydraulic cylinders for 7/14
    MPa with bore from 32 mm to 250 mm.
    High-performance cushion reduces a shock
    at stroke-end.
  • Newly designed cushion valve allows easy
    cushion adjustment.
  • The drop prevention mechanism and looseness
    preventive lock nut have been adopted as
    safety measures for the cushion valve.
  • Wide variety of new-type small sensors for
    better maintainability.

16Mpa Compact Hydraulic Cylinder 160S-1  Series 

  • Operates up to 10 million times at a maximum of 16 Mpa Abrasion resistant hydrogenated nitrile rubber packing is standardized.
  • Standard type cylinders are fully operable at ambient temperatures of up to 120 Celsius. Introducing special copper alloy for Rod gland. Sliding type switches allow flexible switch placement.

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